Classification of Neuronal Data by Brian Halabisky with help from A. D. Gordon (1999) and Hair et al. (1998)

All you really need to know (i.e. just what I know) about performing cluster analysis on your data.

    These are some objectives that I hope will be met by writing this page:

    1) Describe what cluster analysis is in a general non-mathematical way

    2) Identify whether or not you need/want to perform cluster analysis on your data

    3) Give a good method on determining which particular data variables to include

    4) Validation of the clustering method chosen

    5) What kind of information you can glean from your data after cluster analysis has been performed

What Is Cluster Analysis?

What Can Cluster Analysis Do For You?

How Does Cluster Analysis Work?

    Adding Multiple Dimensions

    Measuring Dis/Similarities

                    'n'-Dimensional Measurements

                    Scaling Variables

                    Proximity Matrix (Euclidean Distances)

    Forming Clusters

                    Error Sum of Squares (SSE)

                    Making a Dendrogram

    OK, How Many Clusters Do I Really Have?

    Validation Of Cluster Analysis Results

    Cleaning It Up

    Did I Do All Of This Just To Find Out I Had 'X' Number Of Clusters? (Or: What Else Can Cluster Analysis Tell Me?)


How Do I Actually Do Cluster Analysis? (In SPSS 12.0 for Windows)

Some Neuroscience Papers That Have Used Cluster Analysis