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WDETECTA Instructions. Starting up:

HELPER PROGRAM: WinScanSelect: This program opens the sca (SCAN) files created when wdeteca is run. It can filter events based on event criteria and export them to an episodic abf (Axon) file. It is generally a good idea to not have an amplitude criteria in wdetecta (On the third page, events must be larger than xx amp). Rather, it is better just to set the detection criteria for the differentiation trigger and then later reject those smallest events with WinScanSelect. In this way, it's much easier to obtain isolated type 1 events which are necessary to average and obtain decay characteristics. Small events that fall on the decay phase of larger events can be a problem because if these are not detected, they would be falsely characterized as type 1 events when really they're type 2 events. WinScanSelect can be used later to identify isolated type 1 events by setting a pre and a post dead time, and an amplitude criteria. The amplitude criteria must be less than a certain value for inward events and, for example, less than LT -5 to find events that are bigger than 5 pA. But for positive events (outward going events) the criteria must be positive. Once isolated in this manner, they can be analyzed and selected on the basis of their rise time, decay time, frequency, etc., using the statistics analysis.

This help file is valid as of Version 15.41, 1/26/03.

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